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The quantity or amount of many types of goods traded on a daily basis is given as a volume. Volume is dimensionally simply the cube of length and it is therefore possible in principal to define units of volume in terms of length. Usually such units are given the name of the length unit preceded by the word cubic.

Volume laboratory is responsible for developing, improving and maintaining national measurement standards in the fields of flow and volume measurement.


Volumetric means having to do with the measurement of liquid volumes. Fluid flow is responsible for the dissemination of measurement and development of national measurement standards for gas flow, liquid flow, fluid & viscosity fields. National measurement standards in the field of fluid flow is established and disseminated to the industry.

Realization & Hierarchy

Volume of a solid is determined either by dimensional measurements or by hydrostatic weighing. The capacity of volumetric measures is determined either by gravimetric method or by volumetric comparison.


Our volume laboratory is well equipped. Total equipment cost of the volume laboratory is TK 25240000.00.

Glass pipettes
Glass volumetric flask
Working standard volumetric flasks (stainless steel) Capacity: 20
Digital thermometer
Analytical balance
Electronic mass comparator
Water steel aquatron

Calibration Status:

Laboratory will be accredited within 2009. All equipments of our volume laboratory is calibrated international reputed institutions like DKD/PTB-Germany, UKS/NPL-UK. So we are traceab international

Our stakeholders:

a) Pharmaceutical Industries b) Academy c) Science and Technology

d) Government Testing Laboratories e) Food & Beverage Industries f) Chemical & Legal Metrology g) etc.

We are capable to provide world class calibration services from micro litre to macro litre traceable international level.


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