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Length and Dimension measurement Laboratory maintaining national measurement standards in the field of length and dimension measurement and conducting researches on metrology and precision measurement technologies. It also establish, maintain and develop the standards for physical measurements necessary for the nation's industrial scientific progress and in cooperation with other national laboratories to establish international uniformity of the physical quantities.

       National Measurement Standards on Length and Dimension

Length and Dimension measurement Laboratory of NML has the following equipment :

Universal Length Measuring machine (ULM-1500)

Measurement of Uncertainty of the Gauge Block: U= 0.05  um+0.5x10-6L

Block Gauge Comparator
Range: 0-100mm

The Length & Dimension Laboratory provides verification, calibration and testing services to customers as well as technical consultation to both Governments, Non-governments, Private Organization, Industries, Educational  Institute, Science and Technical Researches Laboratories, Biman, Railway, Army, Air-force, Navy etc for Slide Calipers, Micrometer, Plain Gauge, Ring Gauge, Block Gauge, Thickness Gauge, Line Gauge, Bore Gauge, Dial Gauge Indicator, Steel Scale, Measuring Tape, etc .

Engr Md. Golam Monem. B.Sc.Engg (Mechenical)
Head of the Length and Dimension Measurement Laboratory

Md. Shaidur Rahman. M.Sc.

Technical officer of the Length and Dimension Measurement Laboratory
Tel        : 88-02-9880007
Cell      : 880171665571 Fax: 88-02-9131581
Email   : nmib_Iengthdimen@yahoo.com

Gauge Block-Set
Grade-K 112 Parts
Grade-O 83 Parts
Digital Read out with probe & Comparator stand


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