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The division of FORCE and PRESSURE laboratory is responsible for developing, improving and maintaining national standards in the field of force and pressure, and disseminating quantity values of national standards to customers through verification, calibration and test services. This laboratory also conducts researches on the wide variety of measurement technologies that are extensively needed by precision testing and technical innovation. It also establishes, maintains and develops the standards for physical measurements necessary for the nation's industrial scientific progress and in cooperation with other national laboratories to establish international uniformity of the physical quantities .


he force laboratory maintains "Force transfer standard transducers" for tension and compression force. Nominal capacities of these transducers are SOON, SKN, SOKN, SOOKN and 3MN. They arc used for calibration of Universal Testing Machines (UTM) and material testing machines .

The pressure laboratory maintains digital precision measuring device 1200 Bar, comparison pump, aneroid barograph and calibration set up for testing blood pressure .


There are many organizations like BUET, PWD, R&H, LGED, BJMC and other private organization using UTM an material testing machine. Those machines are being calibrated by FORCE lab< Huge numbers of blood pressure machines are frequently being used by the doctors. Those machines being calibrated in Pressure Laboratory. This laboratory will participate in inter laboratory com] activities. It provides verification, calibration and testing services to customers as well as technical consultation to both governments, non-governments, private organization, industries, educational institutions, science and technical research laboratories etc.


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