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National Metrology Laboratory (NML)

Main Function

It is the primary metrology laboratory; as such it develops national measurement standards and disseminates their exactitude to industry and users in the country,

It establishes and maintains the national measurements system, giving technical support to theĀ  network of secondary and tertiary laboratories,

It provides traceability to the national system andĀ  through it to the international system,

It offers technical support to industry in everything related to measurements, reference materials, calibrations and data to establish traceability of their measurements,

It participates in modernization and technology transfer between academia, industry and government, contributing to reinforce the scientific ant technical infrastructure required by industry to compete in the present global markets,

It supports development of reference standards and the national system of standards,

It facilitates international harmonization and compatibility of measurements,

It represents the country in the regional metrology organization RMO and the worldwide metrology system coordinated by BIPM,

It participates in internationally organized inter-comparison measurements, and

Together with the national accreditation body it organizes national inter-comparison measurements for calibration laboratories in the country.


Calibration status: All Equipments are traceable to DKD/PTB-Germany, UKAS/NPL-UK.

Our Stakeholders: Pharmaceutical industries, Government and Private testing laboratories, Academy, Health, Food & Beverage industries etc.


BSTI-NMI has maintained close ties with many international organizations and has always been an active part in activities of world metrological community. BSTI-NMI is a member of Asia Pacific Metrology Programme (APMP), APMP developing Economy Committee (DEC), corresponding member of OIML, BSTI also member of International Organization for Standardization (ISO), International Electro-technical Committee (IEC), CODEX, SARSO.

In May 25-29, 2008 the APMP EC/TCC and DEC Meetings & CIPM-MRA, MiC workshop were held in Dhaka, and BSTI served as the organizer for the whole event.

The BSTl-NMI also maintains sound cooperative relations with NMIs worldwide. Bilateral cooperation activities such as the technical and personnel exchange are prosperous.

Hierarchy of Standards


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