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8 (eight) steps for obtaining Certification of Marks (CM) license.

(a) Any Company/producer intends to use, Standard mark of BSTI in relation to any article or process, shall apply to the Institution for obtaining CM licence in a prescribed form.
(b) After receiving the application along with necessary and relevant papers an inspection is being arranged and inspection report is prepared.
(c) If the inspection report is found satisfactory, then samples are collected on random basis and those are jointly signed and sealed by the BSTI Officer and the producer.
(d) The collected sample is tested in the BSTI Laboratory or any other laboratory approved by BSTI according to the relevant Bangladesh Standard (BDS)
(e) If the results of the test parameters are found in conformity with the relevant BDS. a licence is granted in favour of that article.
(f) Normally a licence is granted for a period of three years, which is being renewed, if the samples are found satisfactory after following the same procedure as has been described in sl.no. (b) (e), for a subsequent period of another threeyears.
(g) A licence is to pay fees in favor of BSTI which is known as CM fee The break up of the CM fees are as follows

        (i) Application fee : Tk. 1000 for new and Tk. 500 for renewal
        (ii) Licence fee : Tk. 200/= per year.
        (ii) Marking Fee : Tk. 0.07% of Ex. factory price for fruit items and Tk. 0.10% of Ex. factory price for other items. For fruit items Min. fee Tk. 1250/= to Max. Tk. 10,00,000/= and for other items Min. fee Tk. 1875/= to 15,00,000/=

(h) A licence granted in favour of any article can be cancelled, withdrawn or revoked at any time if it is found that the licence has violated any of the conditions specified in the licence and BSTI Ordinance as well.
A schematic diagram, explaining the procedure for grant of a BSTI CM licence is given in

Preliminary inspection

Preliminary inspection is carried out on a day, mutually agreed upon, to examine the availability of the facilities for producing a standard product and to draw samples for independent testing. The details of the preliminary inspection are recorded in a suitable proforma known as the preliminary inspection report. On the basis of this report. Decision taken regarding the grant of licence. The information, which is to collect at the time of preliminary inspection, are :

General information.
About raw materials.
Manufacturing process.
Packing and marking.
Laboratory and inspection procedure.
Hygenic and environmental condition at factory premises in case of food processing plant.
Testing facilities available as per Bangladesh Standard.
Storage facilities.
Testing personnel etc.

Collection of samples.

Two sets of samples are collected on random basis, which are sealed with the joint signature of the inspection officer and the representative of the applicant. Both the samples are kept in the custody of the applicant who is advised to submit one set of the samples to the BSTI lab. And the other to keep with him as a reference sample.


The sample collected by the inspecting officer during the preliminary inspection is submitted to any of the BSTI Laboratories situated at Dhaka. Chittagong, Rajshahi and Khulna whichever is seem to be convenient. The testing fee is to be borne by the applicant. In case of the laboratories other than BSTI, the applicant is advised to pay the testing fee directly to the concerned laboratory.

Grant / Renewal of licence:

After the completion of the above mentioned formalities if it is seem that the preliminary inspection report is satisfactory and the test parameters are found in conformity with the relevant Bangladesh standard, a decision is taken for the grant of a licence in favor of that product. After the due payment of licence and marking fee a licence is issued.

The licensee is to apply to the institution for the renewal of their licence 3 months before the expiry of the licensing period. The licence is renewed, at interval 3 years, only if the test result of the sample duly collected from the factory is found in consistent with the BDS.

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