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The steps taken by the Institution during the period of a licence in operation are as follows:

(a) Surprise inspections of the licensee's factory are carried out periodically by the Institutions qualified inspecting officers and random samples are taken and tested in BSTI Laboratory.

(b) Products bearing the standard mark are collected by the surveillance team of the institution directly from the open market and tested in BSTI Laboratory. Representatives from the consumers association of Bangladesh (CAB) and the respective chamber of commerce and Industries help the surveillance team in performing its function.

(c) Misuse of the Standard Mark by the unscrupulous manufacturer or dealer is punishable as per the provisions of the Ordinance, which provides for penalty and imprisonment to the offending party. Such activities of the unscrupulous manufacturers are brought to the notice of the consumers by different medias like TV, newspapers etc.

(d) If the test reports of the sample collected from the market are found not in conformity with the relevant BDS a show cause notice is given to the producer. if the producer fails to reply the show cause notice or the reply of the show cause notice is found not satisfactory, the licence is cancelled and necessary action is taken:

(e) Complaints on quality of certified products can be sent to the nearest branch office of the Institution. Such complaints are investigated including testing of the item in question and if deviations from the relevant Bangladesh Standard are found then necessary action is taken. Simultaneously. Causes for such failures are investigated and steps are taken with the licensee for necessary corrective action to avid recurrence of such deviation in the final product.

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