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Accreditation of Product Certification System

The BSTI product certification scheme is a third party product certification scheme based on ISO Type 5. It consists of determining conformity of a product with a Bangladesh standard through product sampling, initial testing and assessment of the factory quality management system. The product quality is continuously monitored through surveillance of the factory’s quality management system and testing of samples from the factory and open market.
Product certification system of BSTI has been up gradated  in accordance with the international standard ISO/IEC Guide 65 (General requirements for bodies operating product certification system) with a view to achieving the satisfaction of local consumers as well as to promoting export.

The implementation of ISO/IEC Guide 65 is not mandatory in the product certification system out lined in Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution Ordinance. We have started implementing it in the product certification system for receiving accreditation from the international accreditation body.

BSTI had initially applied for accreditation of the product certification system to NABCB (National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies), India incorporating 5 products namely i) Protein Rich Biscuit, ii) Wafer Biscuit, iii) Edible Gel, iv) Fruit Drinks & v) Chutney as the scope of accreditation.
NABCB being satisfied with the progress done by BSTI product certification system which is in line with ISO/IEC Guide 65, has accorded accreditation of BSTI product certification system for a period of 3 years starting from 9 January 2012.

To ensure the transparency & impartiality in the process of the product certification system BSTI Council has approved the formation of two committees- 1) The Certification Advisory Panel and 2) The Certification Committee. The structures and functions of the two committees are--

Certification Advisory Panel:

1. Additional Secretary, Ministry of Industries Convener
2. Representative from Ministry of Industries Member
3. Representative from SME Foundation Member
4. Representative from Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Member
5. Representative from Ministry of Commerce Member
6. Representative from Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FBCCI) Member
7. Representative from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET ) Member
8. Representative from Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI) Member
9. Representative from Consumer Association of Bangladesh Member
10. Director (C.M) - Non voting Member Secretary


Assist BSTI to develop policies relating to impartiality of certification activities.

Review Internal and Accreditation audit findings and make recommendations to the council of BSTI.

Take action to counteract any tendency on the part of BSTI to allow commercial or other considerations to prevent the consistent objective provision of certification services.

Consider and make recommendations to BSTI Council on complaints, disputes and appeals made before BSTI council from clients and other stakeholders in relation to certification matters and audit reports.

Conduct at least a six monthly review of the impartiality of the audit, certification and decision making processes of BSTI and make recommendations.

Advise the BSTI Council on matters affecting confidence in certification, including openness and public perception

Certification Committee:

1. Director General, BSTI Convener
2. Director (CM), BSTI Member
3. Representative from FBCCI Member
4. Representative from Consumer rights protection department Member
5. One independent certification expert, Member
6. Deputy Director (C.M) –Non voting Member Secretary


Functions :

Determination and supervision of the implementation of the product certification policy and procedures in accordance with national and international requirements

Grant, renew, suspend, revoke or withdraw product certification based on the reports and evidence submitted by the Director (CM)

Review and approve all reports for the grant, extension, withdrawal of certification license

Extend or reduce scope of certification based on the reports and evidence submitted by the Director (CM)

Recommend appropriate action in the event of misuse of the certification license and/or certification marks

Make recommendations on legal disputes on certification to the Director General, BSTI for action and decision.

BSTI has started implementing the prepared documents in the voluntary product certification section. To achieve accreditation, BSTI has selected 5 voluntary products as the scope of accreditation in the first phase. The products are i) Protein Rich Biscuit, ii) Wafer Biscuit, iii) Edible Gel, iv) Fruit Drinks & v) Chutney. The reason for choosing the product protein rich Biscuit is to mitigate the demand of World Food Program (WFP) where school going children both in urban and rural areas are fed by this kind of biscuit. The reason for choosing the other four products is that they have a good export potentiality.

BSTI has applied for accreditation of the voluntary product certification system to NABCB (National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies), India mentioning those 5 products as the scope of accreditation. NABCB has accepted the application and conducted a pre assessment program by an assessment team comprising of two assessors on 22-23 December 2010. NABCB already scheduled Office Assessment and witness Assessment staring 30 may 2011. We hope product certification of BSTI will be accredited very soon.

Schedule of Product Certification & List of the products  under  the scope of Accreditation

SI. No.

Certification Schedule


Sub Category

Scope (Products/Process)


Evaluation Plan


Based on ISO/IEC 17067:2013


Food Manufacturing



Processing of Perishable animal Products

1. Pasteurized milk
2. Flavored Milk

1. BDS 1702:2002
2. BDS 1471:2012

STI for each product (based on Standards)



Processing of Perishable Plant Products

1. Fruit drinks
2. Chutney

1. BDS 1581:2011
2. BDS 521:2011


Processing of ambient Stable  Products


1. Wafer Biscuit
2. Intermediat Protein Biscuit
3. Edible Jell
4. Soyabean Oil
5. Edible Palm Oil
6. Refined Palm Olein
7. Fotified Soya bean Oil
8. Fortified Palm Olein
9. Fortified Edible Palm Oil

1. BDS 1001:2010
2. BDS 1563:2011
3. BDS1801:2011
4. BDS 909:2000
5. BDS 999:2000
6. BDS1567:2007
7. BDS1769:2008
8. BDS 1774:2006
9. BDS 1770:2008


Non Food Manufacturing


Construction Materials and Building


1. BDS EN 197-1:2003

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